Spirit Drone Services LLC, Drone Photography, South Daytona, FL


Safe and cost-effective Commercial Drone operations require the right combination of service elements. This is where we excel. If you can think of it,we can do it,  and we are always eager to help you in any way we can. Please, let us know how we can make you or your business happy and successful. Click the boxes below to see samples, each video has sound.

These are just a few samples of the larger range of services we provide. 

Other services include:

*Wedding photos and videos with or without the drones

* Funeral services, photo and video

* Headshots 

* Search and Rescue

* Land conservation and inspections

* Portrait Photography

* Custom graphic animations

* Video to DVD and Digital transfer

Recruitment videos for any area,(government, sports, corporate, or anywhere you need an edge)

*Events, concerts, childbirth, parties(indoor or outdoor) with or without the drones

* Custom services, (if you need something, we will do it) 


* On location family or school pictures

If you need it done, we have someone who can get it done for you! Call us today so we can get started.